SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the process of improving a websites visibility in search engines, this process consists of many parts which all work together to increase your ranking. Google and other search engines change their algorithms constantly so it is vital to stay on top of the latest changes as what works today may not work tomorrow. SEO can be split into two main categories, on-page and off-page. On-page factors are changes we make directly on a website. Things like your content, page headings, images and meta data. As well as improving site loading speed and making sure it is mobile ready. All of this can have a massive impact on a sites ranking. Off-page factors are things like social signals, traffic and link building. All important factors individually but when combined can have a dramatic affect on your sites ranking.


Getting key coding elements right is a crucial part of SEO. Meta Data is what appears on the search engine page for your site when it appears in search results, such as page headings and descriptions. Page titles are the first thing we want to have right, getting key words and phrases here is essential. The description is also an important ranking factor but we also want to make sure we take this opportunity to engage our audience. We will also analyse your site loading speed as people can be instantly put off by slow sites and Google takes site speed into account as well. More and more people are starting to use mobile devices to browse the internet so we need to make sure our site gives users an optimised experienced when viewing your site on these devices.


Social signals are an increasingly important ranking factor for Google and other search engines. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense that they would take this into account. If social media is buzzing with a hot topic search engines would be doing a pretty bad job if sites that were being talked about weren't coming up near the top of the search results. Getting social signals is easier said than done though. We can help by creating a social media buzz about your website, getting people engaged, sharing and liking your content and ultimately ending up on your website. The main social accounts we recommend having are Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.


Link building has always been a major ranking factor for search engines. Years ago it was easy to rank by building lots and lots of links but this is no longer the case. Google in particular will penalise sites that have unnatural or "spammy" back links. What is needed is high authority back links from reputable sources. These links will tell Google your site is also an authority site and should be higher in the rankings. These links are not easy to acquire unless you know how. Cre8ive SEO specialise in getting you these quality back links that your competitors can only dream of.


Lots of traffic going to your site is a good indicator that it is popular and people want to see it's content. Search engines recognise this and move busy sites higher up their rankings. The problem is it's difficult to get traffic if you aren't already high in the rankings. That is where we come in, we will send real targeted traffic to your site via Google search to show that your site is what people are looking for and that it should be higher in the rankings. Click through rate percentage (CTR) is the rate at which your site is chosen from the search results when someone searches for phrases your site is ranking for. The higher the CTR the better our rank will be.